Friday, July 17, 2015

Watch List July

On July 20, I expect about $105 from XEL, and that will wrap up my July dividend income. With my $500 fresh capital, the first $65 from CINF this week, and some payouts late June, I expect to have about 840 dollars to invest. I don't try to time the market, and I plan to invest this next week.
I am probably going to add to an existing position, as some dropped significantly and I will use it to average down.
I will avoid three of my stocks that are on the warning list -- ARLP because of its price dive, CVX and TAL because they paid the same dividend five times in a row and thus didn't raise yet. I have a few others that are meeting entry criteria, so I will look at those. I will still review new positions as well, where I have my eye on CAT.

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