Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Today I added a new position: ABBV. They didn't show up on my screener because some spin-off activity made it look like their div history is much shorter than it actually is (44 years). When I read about them I started looking closer and liked what I saw: good P/E good div history and growth, and good payout ratio.

I had a few other options -- adding to TGT that is getting hammered in the market, or adding to O, NHI or HCP. However I want to diversify a bit more, so ABBV it is.

I only deployed earnings from past dividend payouts. No new cash. I'm tempted to sell QCP if they don't announce dividends but I'm going to be patient for another month or so.

ABBV will add $ 48.64 to my annual dividend.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Portfolio Report December 2016

Ending a mixed year for my portfolio.  I sold some high-yield, but dividend cutting and poor performing stocks. I picked up my first monthly div payer, O. Unique for me this year also was that I put no fresh capital in. I only re-invested div earnings, and proceeds from closing positions.  I did put some money in a lending club account.
I expect 2017 to be light on fresh capital as well, as I pre-paid my investments a year ago, and I'm still on my monthly car payment. Overall I'm happy with that decision, I think I earned a higher return than what I've had to pay in interest on my car loan (0.9%).