Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Portfolio Report December 2016

Ending a mixed year for my portfolio.  I sold some high-yield, but dividend cutting and poor performing stocks. I picked up my first monthly div payer, O. Unique for me this year also was that I put no fresh capital in. I only re-invested div earnings, and proceeds from closing positions.  I did put some money in a lending club account.
I expect 2017 to be light on fresh capital as well, as I pre-paid my investments a year ago, and I'm still on my monthly car payment. Overall I'm happy with that decision, I think I earned a higher return than what I've had to pay in interest on my car loan (0.9%).
In 2017 QCP needs to start paying a dividend or they will be sold off. On my watch list I have KMB as stable play, although with a relatively low yield. Their increase history makes up for that though.
  • Income this month: $ 446.37
  • Trailing 12 months: $ 5,597.57
  • Forward 12 months: $ 5,275.20. Unchanged.
In January I expect  $ 320.26

Lending Club
I had two notes overdue, one of which caught up, and the other is now 16-30 days late. I'll monitor this of course, and see how it plays out. I also have a note that was paid off completely, so I received only one month of interest of $ 0.52 on $25, and paid $ 0.01 in fees. I'm still struggling on how to meaningfully report on LendingClub for the purpose of expected investment returns. I'll keep playing with this.
  • Total Interest Received:
  • Adjusted Net Annualized Return: 9.52%


  1. Great dividend income -- keep up the good work.

    I decided to stop buying new notes in my Lending Club account. While the returns are reasonable, I just a little concerned that my net annualized return has come down from nearly 12% to closer to 9%.

    All the best and happy investing!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Returns on LendingClub do tend to fluctuate. I noticed that my expected returns go up right after I receive a bunch of payments. If notes are falling behind the rate is adjusted down again.
      I still like it for diversity purposes, and because the overall return so far is better than dividends, and certainly better than a savings account.

  2. Awesome month. looks like 2017 will be good for you also

    1. Thank you. I have good hopes for 2017. No large fresh cash, but putting earnings back into the snowball.