Tuesday, November 15, 2016

HCP Spins Off QCP, cuts dividend

HCP spun off QCP on October 31. As a result, and as expected, HCP cut their dividend by 35%. This will have a real impact on my portfolio, as HCP is my largest position. Of course, with QCP being a brand new company, little is known about how they will handle dividends. For now I'm going to assume no dividend, and see when some data comes out. I'll hold on to the stock at least until they report a quarter on their own and provide some guidance on dividends.

Same thing for HCP. They will need to prove to me how they perform and handle dividends over the next quarter or two. There are other REITs like NHI or O that may be more attractive if HCP or QCP cannot deliver.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Portfolio Report October 2016

Several changes in October. HCP cut dividend after it spun off QCP. More on that later. Also, I put $2500 in a LendingClub account to experiment with a new mostly passive income stream. No other transactions for me.

  • Dividend Earned in October: $176.66
  • Dividend Expected in November: 668.41. Lower than August due to HCP cut, but still above November 2015.
  • Dividend Earned Trailing twelve months: 5,526.11
  • Dividend Expected Forward twelve months: 5,314.90.  A drop due to HCP cut, but excluding anything that QCP may produce.
  • LendingClub accrued interest: $24.40
  • LendingClub expected total payments November: $75.42

  • Thursday, November 3, 2016

    LendingClub Update November 2016

    Last month I put $2,500 into LendingClub.  I select automated investing with a mix that's just below 'safe, lower returns', going for 'still safe, better returns'.  I opted to split my money into 100 x $25 notes. These were picked up relatively quickly, and loans were issued usually within a week.  There's one note hanging, stuck in Review. I'm not sure what's going on there. According to LendingClub documentation the loan can sit in that status up to 30 days before it's either issued, or canceled. If canceled, my $25 will be released and automatically put towards another loan that matches my investment mix target.