Thursday, November 10, 2016

Portfolio Report October 2016

Several changes in October. HCP cut dividend after it spun off QCP. More on that later. Also, I put $2500 in a LendingClub account to experiment with a new mostly passive income stream. No other transactions for me.

  • Dividend Earned in October: $176.66
  • Dividend Expected in November: 668.41. Lower than August due to HCP cut, but still above November 2015.
  • Dividend Earned Trailing twelve months: 5,526.11
  • Dividend Expected Forward twelve months: 5,314.90.  A drop due to HCP cut, but excluding anything that QCP may produce.
  • LendingClub accrued interest: $24.40
  • LendingClub expected total payments November: $75.42

  • In November ARLP will pay out dividends. While their business (and stock) is certainly on an upswing I've decided to get out of this position. I have a lot of overhead during tax season because the structure of the partnership requires a lot of extra forms that my tax preparer charges me for. I think ARLP may hang in there for a while, but I'm going to put my money elsewhere. With the proceeds of ARLP and the accumulated cash since my last buy (Target, in June), I plan to open a new position. I've shortlisted O, which has a monthly income. I'm a bit nervous about this the REIT market, but they seems to be in a good position. 

    Also in November is the first feedback on my LendingClub experiment as the first bills are due. 

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