Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dividend Report August 2016

This month is lower than the May earnings. In May we had TAL paying out, and the newly merged company TRTN pays out in September, so we should see the boost there. We're still up, from August last year.
RY pays out in Canadian dollars, so there's always a slight currency fluctuation; I'm not deducting the foreign tax withholding, as I'll get that back in my taxes. RY also announce a dividend increase, which is why we love them.

  • Income: $ 754.25
  • Trailing 12 months: $ 5,447.45
  • Forward 12 months: $ 5,651.60
2016 goal is to have $5900 in projected dividend income. So I'm roughly $250 short of that goal, and we have four months left to invest.  I plan to sell ARLP this year, which brings a lot of cash, which I won't be able to replace. So hitting the goal is going to be tough.  On the other hand, I do have one car payment ending later this year, which will help catch up investments early next year. It's around $1000 and I plan to put half towards a new car fund (cash until I've built up a comfortable level), and the other half will go into the dividend portfolio.

My cash position is slowly growing from div income the past couple of months. I'm not a point where I want to jump in yet -- plus various div stocks are overvalued at the moment. I plan to dump ARLP, and use the proceeds plus all cash to get into a new position, or possibly add to an existing one.

In September I expect to earn $ 482.65, including the first payout from TRTN as mentioned above, and my first income from TGT.