Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July Addition

I added 13 shares of RY today at $58.50. This adds $31.49 to my annual dividend income. RY won out over other contenders because it satisfies my entry criteria. It also allows me to average down on my June purchase. I should be just in time for the August dividend payout, as the ex-div date is tomorrow.

CAT is still on my short list, but before I start a new position I want to balance out my portfolio. I'd like to start with a larger initial position and not get spread too thin. When building up the portfolio I'm still learning more about the companies I invest in and I'm not ready to add to the list this month.

There are two positions reporting earnings soon, ARLP and HCP. Especially ARLP has had a rough year, losing about half its value. I certainly won't add to my position there, but if they continue paying out dividend I will continue to hold. Also I believe the market over-reacted to the coal news. If ARLP cuts or skips dividends in August I will look to sell quickly and put the money in a new position, along with my August fresh money. No further trades expected until mid-August.

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