Friday, July 31, 2015

First Ever July Dividend

It does not matter to me in which month dividends get paid out. I don't rely on the income to pay any bills, I'm just building up my income generating portfolio. My portfolio has happened to never pay out a dividend in July until this month. XEL paid 105.28. I missed out on a payout from CINF because I purchased three days after the ex-div date. We'll catch them next quarter.

With my recent focus on dividend income and growth, I am now within 100 dollars from my full year div income last year. I will continue to put $500 fresh capital in each month, and will reinvest dividend cash. Altogether I expect to invest around $4,000 more into the portfolio this year, barring unforeseen events.

July Div Income:

  • XEL: 105.28
Year to date total: 2,258.76
Trailing 12 months: 3,669.99
Projected next 12 months: 4,916.94


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