Thursday, February 4, 2016

Two Div Picks to Spend Your Tax Refund On

Many people get a refund thanks to overpaying taxes all year. I try to minimize my over payment, as I'd rather invest throughout the year, but I usually end up with a refund. Instead of spending the refund, consider putting it toward dividend stocks. Even $500 can go a long way over 30 years. Of course, if there's high interest debt to be paid off, do that first. But don't see the refund as a bonus. After all, it's your own money!  The government just held on to it, interest-free, for up to a year. So now it's time to put that money to work.

Top stocks in the Active Passive screener are: CFR and LLTC. Both have a score of 19 out of 20, good yields, good payout ratios, a history of paying and growing payouts. Plus they're both at least 10% below their 52-week high. Take a look, do your research, and see if they're a fit for you. I have no position in either of these, and don't plan to buy in the next two weeks.

Last time, in October, I had CFR on the list, along with NEE. I bought NEE in December.

CFR details.


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