Monday, February 29, 2016

Dividend Report February 2016

I invested heavily in HCP in December. It is my largest position, and it saw a huge downturn this past month. They are still holding on to their dividend payouts, and I'll hold on to the stock as long as they do. The large position means that the middle months of each quarter will generate a good amount of income.
COP cut dividends, and the company is on my sell list. The price is heavily tied to the oil price. I plan to sell on an (oil) upswing and use the proceeds to grow one of my other positions. I'm still exposed to oil with CVX, which has maintained and not grown their dividend.
The reason I called this blog Active Passive is exactly because I have to stay active to generate passive income. I wish I only picked winners and could just buy and hold, but it doesn't work that way.

Other stats:
  • Dividend income: $ 721.70. Slightly higher than what I expected, due to currency fluctuations affecting RY payout.
  • Trailing 12 months: $ 4,835.76.
  • Forward 12 months: $ 5,581.96. This is a drop from last month, as COP cut their dividends.
In March I expect $ 436.10 in dividend income. I've now saved up two months worth of dividend income and plan to make a purchase in March.

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