Monday, August 17, 2015

New Position: JNJ

Friday I bought 9 shares of JNJ. This is a new position, and also a new sector, which is good for further diversity in my portfolio.  JNJ is well-known amongst dividend investors. I was torn between JNJ and CAT, with CAT having a much higher current yield, at 4% vs 3% for JNJ. Looking at the longer term growth I believe JNJ has a more sustainable dividend growth story. CAT also faces some short term macro economic head winds in several locations. I will continue to watch CAT, and will consider it for a new position next month.  Next month I will go through the analysis again and see if I should build up my JNJ position, or jump into CAT.

JNJ adds 27 dollars to my expected annual dividend income. Total expected annual income now stands at 4,915.64.


  1. Nice add with JNJ. It doesn't get more blue chip than that name. I have held that stock for about 8 years and plan to keep it indefinitely. CAT is another long term holding of mine that I would like to add to at these levels. When you see a yield around 4% it grabs your attention.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. There are a lot of stocks on sale today (8/24). Did you pick anything up ?