Monday, August 31, 2015

August Dividend Report

This past month set several records for my portfolio.  It's great to see that investment discipline is paying off. I keep investing dividend income and fresh capital each month. I carefully screen for companies with a track record of dividend growth.
  • I received $ 644.14 in dividend income this month. This is not only the best August ever, but also the best month ever.
  • The trailing 12 months paid $ 4,043.42. Crossing into $ 4k territory is great. I work on my expected income, looking forward. But it's good to look back and see what money actually came in.
  • Year to date income is $ 2,902.90, which is already higher than any previous year total!
I had one oversight when I added RY to my portfolio. Being a Canadian business, I had $10.84 foreign tax withheld. I will have to see about getting this back at some point. If you have any tips on how to handle this, please drop me a comment or email.

Plan for September: keep investing. If markets stay down for a bit, I will pick up some great companies at rock bottom prices. I expect September dividends to be around $413.27.

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  1. File the long form and enter it as a foreign tax paid. End result should be tax neutral.