Friday, December 9, 2016

Portfolio Report November 2016

In November I finally sold ARLP and used the proceeds and dividend earnings toward buying O. This checks a long-standing goal of getting out of ARLP. O is my first monthly dividend payer, so my month-to-month and month-year-ago comparisons will be off for the coming 12 months.
My LendingClub experiment is going well. Every loan paid on time in November, and proceeds were automatically re-invested.


  • Total Div Earned: 663.65. Lower than August due to HCP cut, but still (barely) above November 2015.
  • Expected Next Month: 488.56. Well above December 2015, and first payment of O.
  • Trailing 12 months: 5,531.27.
  • Forward 12 months: 5,275.20. Much lower due to HCP cut, QCP not announced, and swapping ARLP for O.


  • Payments Received: $78. Interest and principal.
  • Notes Bought: 4.  Automatically investing payments in new notes, creating an income snowball.

Next Month
In December I don't plan any transactions. LendingClub will auto-invest.

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