Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ARLP Div Cut

Not unexpectedly, ARLP cut their dividends. The coal industry has been under pressure from low natural gas prices in the short term, but also by an aggressive move away from coal as energy source. Several countries have set goals to increase energy from renewable sources. I believe energy demand will keep growing, and I'm not yet convinced that renewables can keep up. Having said that, the better investment would be in an NEE (that I also own), or SolarCity etc.

Still I think ARLP isn't completely dead. I do believe gas prices will go up, which will increase coal demand, bringing coal prices up as well.

Having said all that, their dividends were unsustainable with the lower revenues and earnings per share. So they had no choice but to cut div. And that puts them on my sell list. Like with COP, I won't sell on the news. I was already going to sell ARLP this year for tax and other reasons. I'll see what the stock does for the next few months and exit at a proper time for me. 

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