Friday, December 18, 2015

Buy: JNJ

My car money is being put to work in my dividend portfolio. By 'pre-paying' my dividend investments and paying off my car over three years, I benefit from being in the market the extra time, picking up dividends while paying a low interest.

I'm building out my portfolio by adding to existing positions. After my HCP purchase my focus is now on some smaller positions that I want to grow. I added 62 shares of JNJ to my existing 9, building up that position significantly.  A Dividend Growth Stocks analysis on JNJ was just posted and confirms how strong JNJ is.

I have about one third of my car money left, and I'm deciding between adding to another existing position, or starting a new company. I have NEE on my watch list for their great div history, high score on my screener, and recent global climate agreements.

JNJ is still a relatively small position for me, but brings me $213 annually. I believe they're a solid div growth stock and I will be adding to the position at the right price and when cash is available.

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