Monday, November 30, 2015

November Dividend Report

November came in mostly as expected. I bought extra shares of CAT to build up that position per my plans. TAL disappointed by cutting div by 37.5%, and is now on my watch-to-sell list. My other finances had a major event as I got a loan to finance a new car. This in turn will drive dividend strategy for the next 3 years.
  • I received $ 658.49, which is what I expected last month. Note that RY fluctuates based on USD and CAD exchange rate.
  • This was my highest dividend income in one month ever. The Feb/May/Aug/Nov cycle pays the most, so they will probably keep hitting 'highest month' records.
  • Trailing 12 months $ 4,471.34
  • Forward 12 months $ 4,863.03
In December I expect $ 317.97. I plan to invest my dividend income from November and December, as well as the money I didn't have to put into my new car right away, since I was able to get a low interest loan.

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