Friday, October 2, 2015

September Dividend Report

For dividend investors September was a good month. Lots of great dividend growth stocks for sale, and the dividends keep rolling in, even if stock values went down.

In my Active Passive Money portfolio, I was able to add a new position in CAT. CAT was on my wish list for several months. CAT's stock price, like the rest of the market has been hit. And the business is in a downturn. But I trust that CAT's management can work this out like they have in the past. That's why I look for companies that have consistently paid and grown dividends even in wider market downturns.

Some other stats for September:

  • I received $413.27 in dividends this month. Which is exactly what I expected a month ago. It's one thing I love about dividend investing.  This is my best September ever. 
  • The trailing 12 months paid $4,169.39 in dividends. 
  • Year-to-date income is $3,316.17.
  • Forward dividends are $4,960.10, which beats my goal of $4,850 for this year.
I have invested all my cash in my brokerage account. I will put in $500 fresh cash in October, and I expect $167.38 dividend income. I'm debating whether to grow my JNJ or CAT positions that are very small right now, or if I should look at EMR or some other great bargains.

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