Friday, June 19, 2015

New investment round

The company I work for is being acquired, and as a result our stock price went up. I try not to put too many eggs in one basket, so I don't keep too much stock of the company that I work for. I figure that if things go bad with the company, I might be out of a job and have worthless stock. Better to keep investments elsewhere.
Still, I held on to some shares just to feel like a shareholder at work, which actually helps sometimes when you need another perspective on budgets. With the stock jump, I decided to sell everything, and as a result I'm sitting on a sizable amount of cash that I'm planning to deploy in the next few days. The money just cleared in my brokerage account.
Here are the stocks that I'm currently watching.

Looking at my portfolio, I'm too heavy in energy and utilities. So I'm focused on Finance and maybe one other sector for new investments.

My screener short-lists CAT, CINF and MDP as top scorers. I have long term concerns about the media business that MDP is in, but I like CINF and CAT. I've also been wanting to jump into JNJ for a while. Also, RY caught my eye, because of its attractive dividend in the finance area.

I plan to split the money between two or three stocks. I will let you know what I end up buying.

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